Markham Workwear Clothing Loans

Our Markham event at Yspace offers to possibility for participants to loan out blazers, bags, suits and more. For loaning these items most of our membership agreement and item use policy remains the same, as well as the instructions to set up a loan. However, there are a few differences:

- If you're not a student, you will be able to activate a free community membership that will allow you to loan our items.

- Items can be loaned out for a longer period: you will be able to keep the item for a few weeks (either until we hold the next event at YSpace or a maximum of 2 months)

- For returning the items you have two options:

1. To drop them off at our Keele location (per the general instructions items need to be returned during the opening hours of the Cycle York bike centre where our Borrowing Centre is located - Tuesday through Friday between 12 and 5pm) a maximum of 2 months after the event you attended.

2. Return them at one of our next events at YSpace in Markham. Dates are to be determined. We will make sure to notify you of the next event date.

- Deposits need to be paid by debit or credit. If you loan out multiple items, you will have to pay the deposit for each item. Unfortunately, we are not able to take deposits in cash for loaning out the workwear items at Markham.

- Late fees: since returning items works a little differently, we won't start incurring late fees until after we have agreed and set a date for you to return the item (either at the next event at YSpace in Markham or up to 2 months after the event you attended at the Keele location).

- As for all our items we do check for cleanliness and wear of the item. Please make sure to wash and/or dry clean (check the instructions on the label!) the item if needed before returning it to us.

For any further questions, please reach out to